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Sculptress and painter Chantal Talbot (born in 1958 in Brussels) graduated from Brussels art school “Le 75” in Plastic Arts.
Her work has been widely exhibited: both solo and group exhibitions have taken her all over Europe, Japan and the United States.

In her work, she toys around with poetry. She invents her own archeology and sails toward her own imaginary world embarking on variations with the sea as major focus. Somewhere between nomadism and sedentarity, the sculptures, paintings, installations and publications are symbols of a mind that never settles and their multiple interactions are true invitations to accompany her on a particular journey.

Solo Exhibitions:

Chantal Talbot had several solo exhibitions of her work held in Belgium between 1984 and 1996 (Zedes Gallery, X Plus Gallery, Winance Sabbe Gallery), in France (Delange Gallery) and Japan (Tokyo Sagacho Exhibit Space).

1997 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Sculptures with F. Vloebergs

1997 Brussels (B), Arteko Gallery; Installation, art book publication

1998 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; (with M-F Prostmanillier)

1998 Ecke (B), Labo Art; Paintings, sculptures

1999 Brussels (B), GPOA (with J. Coster); Mixed media

2000 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Paintings, sculptures, art book publication

2000 Brussels (B), La Vénerie ( with J. Coster); Paintings, sculptures, art book publication

2002 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Paintings, sculptures

2005 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Paintings, bronze, sculptures

2006 Namur (B), Maison de la Culture; Overview, mixed media

2006 Tournai (B), Art dans la ville; Installation, paintings, sculptures

2007 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Paintings, video art & art book publication

2009 Roeselare (B), Galerij negenpuntnegen; Paintings : Seascape

2009 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Paintings : Seascape

2013 Bruxelles (B), Galerie Faider; Peintures : Oceans

        Presse : L'Echo - La Libre Belgique - Le Soir - Collect   

2013 Bruxelles (B), ULB Salle Allende avec Marc Ver Elst; Peintures, Installation

Publications: Art books & Catalogues

1992 Vice & versa, Published by Artère Sud

1996 Le livre d’amande douce, Self-published

1996 Et je suis devenue marin d’abord, Self-published

1998 Les obscures, Self-published

2000 Isola Isole. With Joc. Coster, Self-published

2000 Syzygia Aqua Memoria, Catalogue

2002 Petits voyages, Self-published

2005 Fleurs de sel. 16 postcards, Self-published

2005 Le miroir et la marelle, with Stépane Saens, Published by Hapax

2009 Seascape, Catalogue

Group Exhibitions:

Between 1982 and 1994, Chantal Talbot took part in a lot of exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Poland, Spain and Japan.

1994 Tokyo (Jap), Seven Art, Museum in Japan; A New Century In European Design

1995 Brussels (B), Embassy of Japan, Belgium; Japan, 4 Artists Exhibit

1995 New York (USA), Atelier 14; International group show

1997 Redu (B), Open air; Installation: The boat

1997 Libramont (B), Art fair: libr’art; With Galerie Winance Sabbe

1997 Tournai (B), Galerie Winance Sabbe; Around Michel Voiturier

1998 Gand (B), Moving space; Boxes

1998 Grd-Fort-ph (F), Médiathèque F. Mitterand; Paintings: Face à la mer

1998 Bruxelles (B), La vénerie; Paintings: Tourner la page

1998 Eck-en-wiel (NL), Beerenburght; Sculptures: Beelden 98

1998 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Paintings: Around Pierre Bonnefille

1998 Brussels (B), GPOA; Installation: Transit

1999 Brussels (B), La maison du livre; Paintings & Ed. Architextures

2000 Brussels (B), La vénerie; Paintings: Table des matières

2000 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider; Dissertation sur le Blanc et le noir

2000 Cascais (P), Centro cultural; Paintings: Espaces de convergences

2001 Cantanhede (P), Casa municipal da cultura; Paintings: Espaces de convergences

2001 New York (USA), Roseline Koener Gallery; Paintings: Time and traces

2001 Lyon (F), Le transfo; Petits arrangements entre artistes

2001 Vence (F), Atelier B; Paintings: Summer exhibition

2002 Brussels (B), GPOA; Installation: Matières à réflexion

2002 New York (USA), Lincoln center; Paintings: One land eight artists

2002 Vence (F), Atelier B; Paintings: Summer exhibition

2003 New York (USA), Roseline Koener Gallery; Paintings: From one soul to another

2003 Vence (F), Atelier B; Paintings: Summer exhibition

2003 Brussels (B), GPOA; Installation: A table

2004 Brussels (B), GPOA; Installation: 4 X 4

2004 Hasselt (B), Art&Advice; Paintings: 5 from Brussels

2005 Namur (B), Maison de la culture; Works acquired by CF

2005 Brussels (B), GPOA; Installation: D’autres mots

2005 Tournai (B), Winance Sabbe gallery; Paintings & installation: Vue sur mer

2005 Tourinnes (B), 40 years; 40 artists

2005 Brussels (B), ULB (salle allende); Art book publication & paintings: Le miroir et la marelle

2005 Brussels (B), Galerie Bortier; 15 artists

2006 Brussels (B), ISELP; Paintings: Amnesty International

2006 Brussels (B), Atelier 340; Installation: Mer

2008 Brussels (B), Galerie Faider;, paintings

2008 Brussels (B), De Markten; Paintings & installation: Dialogue

2008 Arlon (B), Maison de la Culture; Paintings: H2O

2009 Milano (I), Galleria Cortina : Arte per tempi nuovi

2012 Sint-Pieters–Capelle (B) : Art et Jardin

2013 Bruxelles (B), Villa Empain : La Route Bleue

2014 Hasselt (B) : A personal choice

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